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Thoroughly Pissed

It is hard at times to find something… anything… to say about the incessant chaos that is going on in our country right now.  I can only see it from my perspective:  a former Navy enlisted woman, who studies battles … Continue reading

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Another journey, or How to stay still and keep moving

So, here I am, one journey complete and another beginning.  At the onset I’m …….sitting.  Sitting with these thoughts, the fears, the smiles, the anxiety and just watching all those emotions flitter around like the leaves falling now.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Wyoming Sunset

Along the fence line, can almost see the rancher just out of sight, checking the wire.

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Million Vet March

Million Vet March Vets, their families, military brats, military members, marching on Washington DC to make sure our ‘leaders’ are aware of our displeasure with the antics of the government.  I wish I could be there on this historic day.  … Continue reading

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