Thoroughly Pissed

It is hard at times to find something… anything… to say about the incessant chaos that is going on in our country right now.  I can only see it from my perspective:  a former Navy enlisted woman, who studies battles and strategy in her spare time.  (I’ve done that since I did an amazing report on Alexander the Great in high school.)  I’ve met, and am grateful for all those vets I have met on Twitter.  You are part of my family, whether you like it or not.

So, I don’t understand this lack of desire to plan.  Everyone seems to have put so much faith in the Mueller investigations and in the vote on Nov 6, that no one seems to have planned for the ‘what if.’

I like plans, they are reassuring.  They can be adjusted depending on certain conditions; they are never written in stone.  If this happens, do this.  If that happens, go back to the other…

Why are so many folk putting all their eggs in one basket?  That to me is a recipe for failure.  And I don’t like failing.

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