Another journey, or How to stay still and keep moving

So, here I am, one journey complete and another beginning.  At the onset I’m …….sitting.  Sitting with these thoughts, the fears, the smiles, the anxiety and just watching all those emotions flitter around like the leaves falling now.  I’ve been in similar places, at different times, with the same churned up emotions but this is the first time I have sat with them, looked at them scurry around.  Because now… yes it begins… they fall, and lay , if not still , then nearly so.  This is when I can cry, scream, wail, pound on a defenseless pillow if I have to, until my tears turn to snuffling and then silence, not unlike those thoughts and emotions.

I learned that inner stillness isn’t always outer stillness.  Its possible to be both.  Silly old thing to learn but I kind of like it.

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